There are times when it is difficult for us to see all the possibilities that are present in our life. When we hit a downward spiral in our lives, we are often so focused on the emotions involved in this bad turn that we miss the opportunities that truly exist.  The pain that comes in the form of anger, disappointment, jealousy and fear seems to suck up all our energy and focus. So much in fact, that we often miss the great opportunity that’s right in front of our eyes.


I know a girlfriend that worked numerous years in her position in a large well-known corporation.  Slowly, she worked her way up to a great salary and a job she could count on, thanks to her dedication of time and energy. Through the years, there were times when she liked her job and there were many other times when she did not. She’s stayed in this position because of the safety, security and wonderful benefits that this organization has offered her.


Recently, she was called to a meeting where she was informed that her division in the company was being dissolved. The group of employees was told that this major change would take place very soon. Imagine the shock of this announcement!  The company also informed her and her co-workers that they would be placed in a temporary position until further notice.  At this point, she was three years away from retirement.


We can all imagine the emotions that this girlfriend was feeling. She put in her time and this is how she was being rewarded! Her anger is palpable every time she opens her mouth.  Although her anger is to be expected in this situation, her emotions are getting in the way of her ability to see the possibilities.


What possibilities, you ask? Well, at the present moment, this girlfriend feels that she has only one choice. She is focused on the fact that she’s lost her valued position and has been temporarily moved to an unknown situation. She’s stuck in swirling emotion and can’t see outside of this feeling. But here’s the reality: if she can get out of her own way, maybe she can see what opportunities she really has in this situation.


If she could do a little brainstorming and thinking “outside the box”, maybe she could find an even more rewarding job. Why can’t she be creative and imagine what other talents she would love to use in the same organization?  Why not do a little snooping and find out other possible positions that might be a good fit or the names of whom she should connect with?  She could be proactive: develop a well thought out proposal and convince the supervisors that she belongs in this new area. Maybe she could take a totally different tactic and decide to leave to explore her passions.  The point is that she could actually end up in a much better place than she was before! Instead, she’s wasting her time lamenting her lot in life.


I’m a firm believer in taking charge and making things happen. Open your eyes, look around and see all the possibilities. Don’t allow others to dictate your happiness in life.  Alexander Graham Bell had it right— “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”







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