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Are you looking to work with a Mental Health Therapist?

Using a mix of therapy modalities, I support my clients through the process of positive change.


I believe that life is about change and how you navigate this process determines your ability to find joy. I can guide you through the steps to become more resilient and learn how to ride the waves of life.

I have been a Mental Health Therapist since 2010. I primarily help adult clients experiencing family/relationship issues, life changes, depression and anxiety issues. I use a mix of different approaches, including coaching, to support people in moving forward with a new perspective and armed with proven strategies to combat those difficult times.


Prior to receiving my Mental Health license, I had a varied background in sales management, training/development and Social Service program management. In 2010, I received my master’s in social work from University of Cincinnati. In 2011, I founded Workplace Resilience, which supports organizations (and their people) through the process of change and becoming more resilient, agile workers. Working with companies on resilience while still supporting individual clients, has enhanced my ability to best serve my clients.

Are you ready to do the hard work and change your life?

For more information,

Contact me for more information Shari Goldsmith at [email protected]