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Does your organization (and your people) have the tools to make change work?

As we’ve stated time and time again, Change Happens. Proactive organizations PLAN for change. It might surprise you to know that a recent study done by Ken Blanchard revealed that 29% of companies launch a change without a plan.

Proactive organizations plan for change

Reactive organizations put out fires.

Now which one are you?

In order to ensure a successful change initiative, the following pieces must be in place. I like to call them the 6 C’s

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Is there leadership consensus for the change process? Is all management on board or are there some stragglers? Do they understand and accept WHY the change is taking place?

The culture of the organization plays heavily into the success of the Change process. Does the organizational culture accept open honest feedback? Is the culture one that is open to new ideas and innovation from its people? Is the organization willing to take risks?

Is there consideration given to the people and their reactions during the change process? Does management accept employee feedback? Is there appropriate training in place to support the employees? Are they willing to slow the process if it becomes apparent that employees need more time to adjust?

Workplace Resilience

Is there consistency in the message of change throughout the duration of the change process?  Is the management team consistent in their message to their employees? Someone once said, “Change is a campaign, not a decision”. That pretty well sums up the process.

Does the company utilize multiple methods of Communication in the Change process?  Is the message clear and concise as to why the change is taking place? Is the leadership team acquiring feedback on the process to gauge progress?

Coordinated Plan
Is there a clear, detailed plan that includes every facet of the change process? Is the leadership team familiar with the plan? Is the leadership team willing to make adjustments to the plan, as needed?

“40% of your daily work tasks are ingrained habits.”

Now give some thought as to how that influences your organization during change. Your organization is made up of individuals with different backgrounds, experiences and HABITS. Those habits serve a purpose— they enable your teams to accomplish their responsibilities quickly.  Changing the status quo will understandably be met with resistance— it will threaten their many incorporated workday habits that help them to be productive workers.

An organizational change that appears quite simple can quickly become quite complicated.

Attempting to put a Change in place without consideration of the human element will not stack the odds for success in your favor.

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An organizational change that appears quite simple can quickly become complicated. Contact me to ensure a successful transition.

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