When my girlfriend Lisa was called into her boss’s office, with human resources present, she had a good idea what was about to happen.  She had seen the same scenario unfold numerous times over the 25 years working for this company.  Lisa felt heartbroken with the news; she had invested so much of her time and energy into her position as a Fashion Director.  Although she enjoyed her job, the pace was tiring; she worked many 12-14 hour days proving her worth to her company. In a split second, her whole world changed.
“First I felt terribly sad but then I thought about how this is a new chapter in my life. I am a big believer in things happening for a reason.”  Lisa had no idea what to do with the rest of her life. She knew this much: she wanted to do something that was fun, supportive of women and be able to give back in some way. With her solid business background, and gift for style and fashion, she decided that owning a hair salon would be a good fit for her entrepreneurial spirit.  After researching different companies, she settled on “Lunatic Fringe”.


She admits that she could have never taken this leap of faith if she was still securely employed.  Once the security of a job was gone, it was easier to push her self forward and take a risk. And that is exactly what she did; she and her husband, both unemployed, applied for the business loan and banked on this business working.  Now that’s a big leap of faith!


When I took a tour of Lisa’s awesome new place, a couple things really stood out for me. The first was the pride that she had for every single inch of the salon.  The other thing that really impressed me was the way she interacted with the employees.  The respect she shows each employee is evident through her actions.  Also evident was the respect the employees had for their leader.  The excitement and passion she has for making her salon the very best is obvious to anyone that spends a few minutes with her.


18 months ago, Lisa was dealt a blow emotionally and financially.  Her whole world turned upside down.  In spite of this, Lisa was able to find her strength and move forward.  You see, one of the reasons Lisa was able to move forward was her ability to know “who she was and what she needed in life to be happy”.  She didn’t look back and waste time focusing on the losses in her life, she just kept putting one foot in front of the other. She believed in her abilities and talents even when things seemed bleak. With her husband unemployed, she could have easily panicked, shifted gears and gone the safe route.  But she didn’t;  she had a vision and she believed in it.


Lisa is my kind of girlfriend who definitely has her inner sass.  I have zero doubt that Lunatic Fringe Hair Salon will be a huge success. Be sure to stop in there and check it out—you’ll be glad you did. This really couldn’t have happened to a nicer, more deserving girlfriend!




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