Accepting Change

I eavesdropped on a conversation at the gym the other day. A woman was describing to her friend the reason that she hadn’t been to the gym in a very long time. She shared that she had been too [...]

Building Confidence

There’s a chance that you might be a fairly confident individual. On the majority of occasions, you are able to manifest the needed courage and strength to speak up and say the hard stuff to a [...]

A Respectful Workplace

Odds are that you, or your employees have been personally affected by sexual harassment in the workplace, and only now are people emerging from the shadows to tell their stories.   As leaders, it [...]

Second Chances

I was driving downtown yesterday when a memory popped in my head. I was a young leader, having a conversation with one of my employees. During that time, I was a very involved leader that worked [...]

Quick Judgements

I was attending a wedding out of town and my husband decided he needed to pick up a few things at the mall. I had nothing pressing to shop for so I was just along for the ride. After he picked up [...]

Expecting the Best

I was dropping off my training materials to be printed at the store. The man working behind the counter recognized me since I’m probably one of their best customers. As he began to work on my [...]

Staying Positive

The only time I watch the news on T.V. is when I am at the gym. However, the last time I was there, I noticed something interesting. Although, exercising usually is a stress reducer and energizes [...]

Stress Strategies

Yesterday, I was busy giving a full day presentation on resilience to a group of IT workers. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I was exhausted by the time that I got home. I sat [...]

Simple Solutions

My spouse and I have an ongoing argument. We have been fighting about this for about as long as we have been married. Believe me, it’s been a long time. Our disagreement is always about the [...]

Speaking Your Mind

Should I say something or should I just keep quiet? (How many times have you considered this while at work?)   Well, I remember working for a boss that loved to boast about the companies’ [...]

Making Judgments

Recently, I was talking with a friend that had just lost her mother. She was telling me a little about her when I asked her if she had any other siblings in the area. She told me that she had two [...]

Facing Challenges

Last week, I went skiing in Colorado and had an exhausting, but great time. Much of my energy was spent trying to stay upright and not trying to be too anxious about flying down the hills. Most [...]

Finding Your Courage

Last week I was in LA, celebrating Thanksgiving with my family. One of my favorite experiences with my husband and son was going on a great hike at Griffith Park. The weather was absolutely [...]

Walk a Mile

Empathy– the ability to emotionally understand what another person is feeling.   The last week has been tough. Wherever you look, people’s emotions are on edge due to the recent election. [...]

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