I’m sure that the following has happened to you at some point in your relationship. You and your man Four are having an argument. The discussion becomes emotional and both of you are angry. You need to tell him cheap mlb jerseys just how angry you’re feeling, but the more you argue, the more he shuts down. You are articulate and are able to verbalize what you are feeling but he refuses to communicate. You demand apologies and the validation that Me? he understands your anger and hurt, but you are getting absolutely nothing back! You are beyond frustrated.

I’ve just described what has transpired in my home numerous wholesale mlb jerseys times. Not until recently did I figure out what I was doing wrong in these situations. I assumed that my man was thinking and feeling exactly the way that I was thinking and feeling. The truth is this: women and men are live feeling very different things during this encounter. Your female brain is telling you that if you express your feelings, you will receive your man’s understanding. But his male brain is feeling something very different: his brain is saying, “run!” He finds the argument overwhelming and he wholesale mlb jerseys is having trouble processing the emotions. He is feeling trapped and needs time Ambush to think. At the same time, you have the need to receive your validation NOW. Obviously, the two conflicting interpretations can result in a very ugly fight!!

So girlfriend, what should you do when faced with this situation? Okay, what I’m going to suggest to you is not an easy task. In fact, it is very difficult to do, but it will help your relationship in the long run. So after cheap mlb jerseys 30 years of this experience, here’s my advice: WALK AWAY! I know what’s going through your mind—that’s the advice? But here’s the thing—If you stay in that fight you are never going to get validation and the understanding that he “gets you”. But the bottom line is, he isn’t going to get “you” until you give him the time to process what has just transpired. If you walk away, your man can have time to think, process the situation and come to some conclusions. So, girls, accept this, and learn to give your man time to “think”. You might just end up getting what you want.

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