It’s a shame, but I believe it is not possible to be liked by every woman that comes into your life. Eventually, you are going to come across someone that doesn’t think you Girlfriend- are great girlfriend material. Not only are they going to think you aren’t wonderful, but they will probably make that message very clear. Well, maybe the message won’t be totally clear. Chances are, the message could be a bit murky. She might talk about you behind your back. She could leave you off the guest list for a party when everyone else is invited. Two things are for sure: you definitely sense that this girlfriend does not like you while you know in your heart you have done everything to be liked. And the harder you try to be liked by her, the worse you will feel about yourself. Listen, I have been there…

You would think as adults we would learn to just accept this as part of life. The truth is, no matter how well we understand this on an cheap nba jerseys intellectual level, we have trouble accepting this on an emotional level. Being rejected cuts to the core of who we are. Not being liked takes us back to when we were that awkward kid standing in the hall in junior cheap nfl jerseys high, feeling like the popular girl was talking about us behind our backs. But here’s the thing that you need to remember— you are not going to be liked by everyone, for a number of reasons. It could be that you threaten her, or maybe you remind her of her Cousin Bertha who gets on her nerves. It’s possible that your two personalities just clash, or she has a prejudice against women that wear the color purple. You get the point. It really doesn’t matter why.

o what can we do to change this hurtful situation? The bottom line is, you have no control over what this girlfriend thinks of you. Yes, I know, that’s the very thing that eats us up inside. However, you do have control cheap nfl jerseys over your behavior and the way you respond to this girlfriend. So, as hard as cheap nfl jerseys it might be for you, let it go. Accept that you don’t need this person in your life and give your attention and energy to the special women that appreciate you for you! We all want to be loved, but at some point we need to stop and say, “enough is enough”! So girls, please not stop wasting energy on the women that don’t deserve you in their lives.

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