Five months ago, I was at my breaking point. I felt like my life was out of my control and there was nothing I could do. And it’s not that I was unemployed or frustrated with relationships. I was at the peak of my success – finishing my PhD, founding a non-profit organization, married to a great husband. Typically I just pulled through stress, but no matter how I tried my mind and body just refused. I couldn’t take the pressure anymore. Then I met Shari.

Shari has helped me not feel guilty about being happy and relaxing. Shari helped me express how I really feel to others, including relationships with my mom and boss that have been utterly toxic for years. My marriage has never been better because I feel that I can share my true feelings and my husband isn’t afraid to tell me something because I might explode. I won’t say that I’m a new woman. Instead, I feel like I have found the person that I lost along the way. I have found the person that is happy, healthy, and still successful.

Thank you Shari for giving me my life back!


I was first introduced to Shari by a colleague/friend at a women’s event in the area.  Immediately, I was drawn to her.  Her energy was infectious and the way she positioned herself as a Life Coach for Women helping to “find your inner sass” was unique and appealing- very non- clinical or threatening like a non partisan/judgmental girlfriend or mentor.  I had seen a life coach in the past (which was great) but fell off the wagon due to some changes in career. The minute we sat down for coffee, I knew this was going to be a life changing experience for me- partly because I was ready to commit and partly because Shari was brilliant and great to work with.  I initially went to discuss my career but I don’t think there was anything that we did not talk about- career, relationships, life….  The books she recommended, conversations we had and simple truths/ life lessons that she coached me through were invaluable.  She not only helped me to find my “voice” and strengthen my confidence but also helped me to find peace with issues that I have been “dealing” with silently for years.  I fully endorse Shari!

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