• I believe that you are a unique and special girlfriend that owns many strengths, talents and gifts you have yet to discover.
  • I believe that you, girlfriend, are entitled to live a life filled with happiness, success, contentment and passion!
  • I believe that you have incredible strength– and can tap into this to meet the challenges and adversity you are facing in your life.
  • I believe that you will reinvent your life- you will become a strong, empowered girlfriend in your love, work and family life.
  • I believe that you hold the key to unlock the success you desire in every facet of your life– by uncovering the “real you”.
  • I believe, now girlfriend, you believe!

Is it possible you have become disconnected with the person you were created to be? Do you often feel like something is missing? Do you desperately want to change your life but don’t know where to start? In our busy lives as women, we take on many roles and responsibilities. Relationships, family and obligations fill our days and we lose sight of who we are at our absolute core. Slowly, we let go of the dreams we had when we were young. We end up rationalizing that we have no choice but to continue to live the life we are living. Before you know it, we are struggling to find meaning in our lives and we wonder how we got to this place!

Through individual and group coaching, I can show you how to change your life, fulfill your dreams and rediscover who you were truly meant to be!

Girlfriend, you deserve a life that is filled with success, happiness and passion! As a Mental Health Therapist and Life Coach, I will work with you to identify the challenges that are standing in the way of you reaching your full potential. Whether we’re working on relationship, family, divorce or career issues, together we can develop steps that will lead you to the successful life that you desire. By identifying the many strengths and talents you possess, you will become one empowered, sassy woman!!

  • I offer two packages that come with unlimited e-mail communication
  1. Sassy Girlfriend Package – Four 60-Minute Coaching Sessions
  2.  Kick-Sass Package – Six 60-Minute Coaching Sessions


  • I also offer Teleseminar Group Coaching –
  1.  4-5 60 minute sessions
  2. group of 6-8 girlfriends
  3. weekly structured learning with group discussion
  4. Access to all relevant resource materials.

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