Are wholesale nfl jerseys you wholesale jerseys trening guilty cheap jerseys of trying Patronat to fix everything around you?  Come on— fess up… You want everything to be great for コスモハイツ秦荘B棟 everyone. You want your husband to be happy and your relationship thriving, your kids to be doing great and your friends to be finding bliss in their lives. And if this is not happening, you will go OUT OF YOUR WAY to make this happen. Because, lets face it, you are strong, you are a woman and you can change and fix anything that comes your way— right?  And, you are a good person, a nice person that cares about others. But where do you draw the line? When are fixing too much? When does it become toxic for you and everyone around you and why, girlfriends, do we want to fix everything so badly?

I believe wholesale jerseys that part of our need to “fix” everything comes out of our motivation to control what’s going on around us.  Look, I’m as guilty as the next girl when it comes to wanting to fix things.  I have a son that supports himself while he takes college classes. When I learned he was going to be unemployed in a month, I sprang into action to help. I started talking to everyone I knew in order to “fix” the situation.  And, met with success, I called my son with a name and number he should call.  You will never guess what happened— a week later I found out he had never called.  I called him and asked why— why would he not take advantage of this really great offer when he was desperate for a job!? Do you know what his reply was? “Mom, I really want to do this on my own.” He wanted to be independent, stand on his own two feet and SOLVE his own problem. I was standing in the way.  I wanted things to be so good for him that I was not letting him struggle with his own problem.  The bottom line, girls, is this— I wanted to feel better. It was about me, not him.

So, when you run into school to help your son with that unfair grade, intervene with your daughter and her friend in their fight, or try so hard to change your boyfriend, THINK… Is this for my child, my husband, or my friend, or is this for me? Am I doing this to feel better about the situation, to be more in control and to feel like a good person? The bottom line is that your kids NEED to have the experience of struggling and learning to problem-solve independently.  Your friends NEED to learn to be independent and know how to fix things on their own without you. It’s a sure bet that your significant other wants to be in charge of his “own fixing”.  So girlfriends—take a hard look inside! Fix yourself!

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