It’s not as hard as you think to find happiness. It’s right under your nose, but you’re probably too busy fretting or worrying to notice it.  Everything comes down to habits. The bottom line is that positive people have good habits that bring more happiness into their lives.


They reach out to others and spread good feelings around. 

Humans are genetically wired to need social connections in their life.  Happy people realize this and are always looking to fill this need and spread positive energy. Just last week, I was standing in the Starbucks line waiting on my tall vanilla latte when I looked over at a woman next to me.  She said, “I’m sorry, I know you’re looking at me because you think I took cuts in line, but I’m just waiting for my coffee”.  I looked over at her and said, “Actually, I looked over at you because I noticed the color of your sweater looks really good on you”.  She smiled and said, “I was looking at you and thinking you had the prettiest smile”.  We both left the line feeling great.


They find the “funny” in life.

If you’ve lost your humor, please go searching for it.  Laughter is what gets you through the tough times.  Just this morning, I was getting frustrated because my cat Biscuit had walked across my keyboard and changed the resolution on my computer.  I spent way too much time researching the issue and trying different methods, but nothing seemed to fix the problem.  At my wits end, I decided to leave for lunch. When I came home two hours later, I found Biscuit lying on the open computer. I yelled at him and then looked at the computer.  He had fixed the problem with his strategically placed body parts.  The irony of the whole situation made me laugh very, very hard.


They have gratitude in life for all things big and small.

You will never find your happiness if you can’t appreciate what you have right now. Not only that, but true happiness also comes in the smallest of packages.  Just two days ago, I had found this pretty sweater that was on the “60% off” sale rack at Kohls.  The price was already phenomenal, but when I went through the checkout line, the employee asked me if I had a coupon.  I didn’t, but the lady behind me shared that I was welcome to use her 30% off coupon.  I thanked her profusely and received quite a deal. The excitement from that bargain and the kindness of my checkout neighbor kept me flying high for the rest of the night.


They understand that their happiness will only be found from within.

It’s interesting.  Everyday I come across women that are investing so much time and energy in trying to change others.  They really believe that their happiness and peace is contingent on this change. Only when they give up this notion of control will they begin their journey to more peace and serenity. If you could remember that you can only control your responses to other’s actions and behaviors, you’ll be closer to finding your happiness.


So how did you stack up?  Could you use some improvement in your happiness habits? My suggestion is that you start today and power up your positive quotient.




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