As everyone knows, I’m a strong supporter of women who think big.  That’s why I just love the whole idea behind Bad Girl Ventures.  This great non-profit micro-lending organization is dedicated to giving women the tools they need to grow their own business.  With their guidance, women can achieve their life-long dreams.


The other day I was lucky enough to sit down with one of the past winners of the graduating class of Bad Girl Ventures, Stacey Shiring.  Stacy started her own website design company, Shiring Design, in 2009. But that just wasn’t enough for Stacey, because apparently Stacey thinks big.  This year, Stacey started Bridal Divas Ink, a company that designs custom wedding invitations for brides-to-be.  Stacey knew that this new business would be different than anything else she had ever experienced, so she went looking for help.  Bad Girl Ventures gave her the financial, emotional and educational support that she needed to achieve her goals.


When I come across women that think big, I’m always searching for the characteristics that set them apart from their peers.  What makes them special and unique? It didn’t take me long to make my list after talking to Stacey.


Don’t be scared to take a chance in life.

Stacey understands that in order to be successful, you have to be fearless. She once told me that a businessman confided to her that he had been bankrupt 8 different times before he became a success. This really resonated with her. She realizes that starting a business means there will be times when you’re on top of the world, and others where you feel like you’re at the bottom of the garbage heap. The act of failing just means you pick yourself up and try again.  She accepts that as part of the liability of owning your own business and she is okay with that.


You need to love “getting there”.

It’s clear to me that Stacey is passionate about the growth process in a business. Starting with just an idea and then developing a coordinated detailed plan to achieve your goals is truly exciting to her.  Although she looks forward to reaching her end goal, it is evident that the actual process gives her much satisfaction. She is enjoying the ride.


You have to be able to admit when you don’t know everything.

In fact, Stacey acknowledges that she had a lot to learn when she started her second business.  She knew that growing this business would be very different from the first. She commits daily to the fact that successful women always need to be open to hearing that they might be wrong.  If there’s a better way to do something, she wants to know what that is.  She feels that this is key to being a success in her field.


You must be one with change.

Stacey has made a lot of changes in her life. She started school as an Opera Major before making a change to the DAPP program at U.C. She’s able to shift easily with ideas and direction without getting rattled. If she makes a mistake, she just doesn’t have time to fixate on it.  She sees this as a huge waste of her energy. Instead, she just keeps trudging forward.  Change is all around you when you’re running a new business.


After speaking with Stacey, I’m convinced that this is a girlfriend that has found her inner sass.  She is fearless and thinks big.  She finds change exhilarating and is open to new and better ways to accomplish her goals. She believes in herself and goes after what she wants in life. I have no doubt that Stacey will accomplish her lofty goals.

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