So what does it mean to “find your inner sass”? When a girlfriend has sass, she’s found where she belongs in the world. A sassy girlfriend knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it in a big way! She knows who she is and is confident and comfortable in her own skin. She doesn’t spend time thinking about her flaws or what she doesn’t have in life— she just works on improving what she can and accepting the rest.

You see, this girlfriend understands who she is at the core. She is true to herself and is the “real deal” in every part of her life. She is one with her talents, skills, values and gifts that make her unique and special and she uses these on a daily basis. She supports other women and is a great friend, but she realizes that some people don’t add value to her life and has boundaries with these individuals to keep her safe and sane!

The bottom line is that a “Sassy Girlfriend” doesn’t back down in hard times. She does not allow others to ever define who she is or what she wants. Because of this, she is successful in every part of her life.

Do you have your Inner Sass?


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